Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Second Story Books, Washington DC

I have been to this store many times throughout the years though not recently since my parents moved away from the area. I think its in what the locals call Dupont Circle. I also think I might be an idiot, since as far as I know, the store is entirely on the first floor or storey; I have never seen stairs! You'd think the name would be a pun on the physical layout of the store as well as the condition of the books. Well, the mysterious name just gives you one more reason to go check it out.

As can be expected from its location in DC, there's a healthy government, international relations, and politics thing going on. The political theory and gender sections have yielded many finds too. But there is also a nice back room full of literature. The help is pretty friendly, relative to other joints--I remember the young lady behind the counter helped me look up a book on the internet the last time I was there.

store features:

Not spacious, but not really cramped either, it's possible to spend a few hours here.
I saw cds and I beleive they have something of a rare books collection, though that is not my thing so I don't pay much attention. You can apparently order from the store's website too.

standout sections:

sociology, military, history, international relations, government, art, gender, science, political theory and philosophy. Fiction, poetry and literature are in a separate room in the back of the store.

what i bought:
to be updated...when i remember!

location and contact:

2000 P Street, NW
Washington DC, 20036
(202) 659-8884
Hours: 10-10 daily


cuff said...

Kultura, which was just up the street a few blocks on Connecticut Avenue, was my favorite -- they relocated to LA this summer. Incredible cookbook and chess offerings as well as political science, especially of the Left radical variety.

Itsmetsforme said...

Hmm I live in LA--I haven't been yet but will look Kultura up.
thanks for the lead.