Friday, April 27, 2012

Signed Encounters of the Firsts Kind: Kevin Barry in NYC, April 26, 2012

Kevin Barry author of the novel City of Bohane (UK:Jonathan Cape 2011pbk; US:Graywolf 2012 hrd) and most recently, Dark Lies the Island (UK:Jonathan Cape 2012 pbk) appeared for a reading and signing last night at the excellent McNally Jackson bookstore New York City on April 26,2012. His first collection of stories, There are Little Kingdoms (2007) is not pictured below.

Here you can see 3 versions of Barry's signature. The first (above) is on the true Jonathan Cape first, purchased from a reputable British book dealer (I am pretty certain of the authenticity so I rank it as an 8, but you can judge for yourself: note the differences in the "K").

Signed in person on April 26. Authenticity 10.

One last version, Authenticity 10.