Friday, September 01, 2006

Book Corner: Philadelphia, PA

Though there are quite a few gems, the store doesn't have a lot of academic press books, but that is due to the nature of the stock. Book Corner's stock is entirely donated by Philadelphians! So in a way, it's like browsing the consciousness of Philly.

store features:
This is a spacious store with three rooms and seating inside and out. The volunteer service staff is friendly. One thing you may notice is that the store is set up like a regular retail store, with books of interest expertly organized and displayed to catch your eye--this is unfortunately uncommon in used stores and makes for a great browsing experience.

There are some hilariously quirky little reference books, (which I ended up being unable to snatch up) laying around the place too. The books are in suprisingly good shape for donations, and the prices are uniformly reasonable. Plus, the proceeds go towards the Friends of the Free Library so you are doing "good" as well as doing "well" by hoarding books like you can't control yourself!

standout sections:
Sections I remember include: Politics, Philosophy, Women's studies, language, pets, sports, education, world regions, and history. I also noted comics, records and cds.

The fiction section has been put in its own room with literature and mysteries separated out. It seems well-stocked and there is a neat little idea I have never run across before: a "Classics" section within the literature section. It's a cool idea if you're like me, and tend to wander fiction or literature sections trolling for ideas, or trying to remember such and such's name. I imagine this section is a godsend for highschool and college kids with required reading lists and finite budgets, too.

In the Main room...

There is plenty of seating if you want to check out potential purchases. There are even a few tables outside.

And, if you're a yuppy-spawn like me, you'll be relieved to see that up the street are the two symbols of our decadent culture: Starbucks and Wholefoods.

what I bought:
Here is a selection of what I got (all books in excellent shape unless noted):

Eats Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss (hardcover, $5.00)
Schott's Original Miscellany by Ben Schott (hardcover, $5.50)
The Superior Person's Book of Words by Peter Bowler (hardcover, $6.00--unmarked, save for a funny inscription :" John, I could no think of anyone who could use this more! Ken 1993")
Pure Baseball, by Keith Hernandez (softcover)
America's Failure in China, 1941-50 by Tang Tsou (old soft, $3.00)
This sex which is not one by Luce Irigaray (trade paper, $7.50)
The Used Book Lover's Guide to the South Atlantic States (soft, $6.50 decent shape)
Looking for Spinoza by Antonio Damasio (hardcover, $9.00)
The Diviners by Rick Moody (softcover, $6.50)

location and contact:

311 N 20th StPhiladelphia, PA 19103
(behind Central Library at 20th and Vine St.)

(215) 567-0527

a must-see in Philly.

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