Saturday, July 01, 2006


I love used book stores. Unfortunately, with the advent of big box store chains and internet sales of books, many of these stores are going out of business, making finding them more of a chore. Shopping for books on the internet is convenient, and many stores, including some seminal used book stores such as the The Strand in NY and Powell's in Portland, have a presence on the internet. But this site is really for those who know the real thrill is wandering musty isles in some strange town, and finding a gem or two in the rough. Where are the really good ones?

Ok the idea is I will review the best used book stores I can find during my travels, mostly American stores but we'll see. How this will work, I don't know, but stay tuned. It has been cool to read people's comments too.

I am planning a few trips during the holiday season--to Houston and Massachusetts. Then in the coming spring, I'll try to do some entries on my hometown Los Angeles, which isn't as bad for used books as you might suspect.
I am looking forward to reviewing Texas' Half Price book chain, which is one of my favorites. And most of all, I can't wait to hit Boston, where I've heard that my favorite store of all time, Raven, has opened a new store in Cambridge. I just hope none of my Boston standbyes have closed since the last time I was there.
Stay tuned...